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Self-Reliant Skills to Learn During Winter

January 22, 2024 Ann Marie Season 3 Episode 4
Self-Reliant Skills to Learn During Winter
Prepping Positively
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Prepping Positively
Self-Reliant Skills to Learn During Winter
Jan 22, 2024 Season 3 Episode 4
Ann Marie

In this episode learn what you can be learning during the winter months to move forward on your journey of self-reliance!

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In this episode learn what you can be learning during the winter months to move forward on your journey of self-reliance!

Hello to all my wonderful listeners, and welcome back to the Prepping Positively Podcast! I'm Annie Lewellyn, your ever-curious host on the journey to self-reliance. Today, let's talk about the cozy and productive ways you can enhance your self-reliance skills during these winter months. So, grab a warm blanket and a cup of cocoa as we explore the wonders of becoming more self-sufficient at home, even in the chilliest of seasons!

Winter is the perfect time to hone skills that keep you warm, nourished, and resilient. 

First on our list: the art of making your own winter wear. How about knitting or crocheting a scarf or hat? There are plenty of online tutorials and local classes to get you started. Plus, crafting your own winter accessories not only keeps you warm but adds a personal touch to your wardrobe.

Now, let's talk about one of my favorite winter activities: preserving food. 

You can take advantage of the winter harvest by learning to can or freeze seasonal fruits and vegetables. It's a fantastic way to stock your prepping pantry with wholesome, homegrown goodness. Check out local workshops or online resources for step-by-step guidance. 

And if you do not have any harvested foods from your gardening because maybe you are just getting started, consider preserving that store bought food. Dehydrate those tomatoes and mushrooms. Learn how to make citrus salt and sugar. Make green powder from that lettuce and Kale, 

Winter also presents a golden opportunity to focus on indoor gardening. 

Consider growing herbs or sprouts on your windowsill. Not only does this add a burst of greenery to your home, but it provides you with fresh, homegrown ingredients even when the weather outside is frosty. Gardening in the winter? Yes, it's possible!

 Let's not forget the heartwarming skill of making your own soups and stews.

 Experiment with hearty, nutritious recipes that can be stored for later. Invest in quality storage containers and freeze portions for those busy days when a warm, homemade meal is just what you need.

You can learn how to make soup mixes with the dry ingredients to store for later use! Learn how to make your own homemade bread while your at it.

And speaking of warmth, have you ever considered making your own natural remedies for cold and flu season? 

From soothing teas to immune-boosting tinctures, there's a whole world of holistic wellness waiting for you to explore. Check out reputable herbalism books or consult with local experts to get started.

I have given you just a few ideas of the skills you can begin to  learn throughout these cold wintry months. If you are wanting more information on any of these topics, check out my website, There are posts on home remedies, indoor gardening and more!

Remember that Winter is not just a season; it's an opportunity to embrace the skills that make us more resilient, resourceful, and self-reliant. So, my wonderful listeners, let's make this winter a time of growth and discovery on our journey to a more empowered and prepared lifestyle.

Thank you for joining me on this winter adventure of self-reliance. I'm Annie Lewellyn, reminding you that every season offers a unique chance to enhance your skills and create a more self-sufficient home. Until next Monday, stay positive, stay prepped, and enjoy the magic of a self-reliant winter!