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Seasonal Homesteading: Prepping for Winter

October 16, 2023 Ann Marie Season 2 Episode 18
Seasonal Homesteading: Prepping for Winter
Prepping Positively
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Prepping Positively
Seasonal Homesteading: Prepping for Winter
Oct 16, 2023 Season 2 Episode 18
Ann Marie

In this episode I am sharing the tasks you should be doing to prepare for the winter weather on the homestead. 

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In this episode I am sharing the tasks you should be doing to prepare for the winter weather on the homestead. 

Seasonal Homesteading: Fall Tasks for the Homestead

Prepping Positively Season 2 Episode 18

There is always something that needs done when you have a homestead. But in Fall, there are certain tasks you should concentrate on before the cold weather of winter hits. In today’s episode I am going to share with you some of those tasks you should be performing now to be ready for winter. Are you ready…

Hi and welcome back to the Prepping Positively Podcast. I’m Annie and today we are talking about those things you should be doing to prepare for winter weather on your farm or homestead property.

So what kind of tasks should you be doing now that Fall has definitely showed itself? 

First on the list for us is preserving food. Now of course here in Florida, we grow throughout the coldest months, so preserving is done throughout December. However, if you live in a northern climate, now is when you should be preserving and putting away as much as possible. 

Whether you are dehydrating, freezing, or canning and fermenting, now is the last chance to get your harvest ready for future use.

While you’re at it, why not get that garden prepped for spring by tilling or cleaning it up, planting a cover crop, or simply tarping it to kill all weeds and so forth. This way come spring, when the ground starts warming up, the garden will be prepared for a new growing season.

Fall is a great time to start raking those leaves and placing them in a leaf ring or in the compost. Even using them as mulch to cover your plants is better than not using them at all. 

Another fall task is closing up the swimming pool if you have one. We place the cover over ours, close off the lines, and put all the pool toys, rafts, and pool hoses in a tote after cleaning them. This way everything is ready for summer next year. If you leave yours open year-round, then you already should be ready for winter as far as the  pool goes.

With winter around the corner, consider your animals. Stock up on feed, and hay. Close up any areas of their housing that may allow cold air and wet weather to enter. Check the roof of each animal enclosure for gaps or holes that may need sealed and repaired. Make sure they will have plenty of warm bedding for those super cold days and nights that are on the way.

Look around your property. Are there any maintenance tasks that weren’t completed, that still need done from your fall prep checklist. Finish those now.

Heat is important. If you have a wood stove or fireplace, do you have wood stacked and ready? Has your wood stove been cleaned and prepped for a new season of use? 

If you use a furnace or heat exchange, have you changed your filters or had the ducts cleaned? Now is a good time to have your furnace and even your hot water tank serviced.

And while you’re at it, do you have a plan in place for emergency heat if the need arises? Better to be prepared than scramble to find ways to stay warm when something happens right?

Have extra blankets ready, replace those lightweight curtains and sheers with heavier drapes, and while you’re in the home, swap those ceiling fan blades so they go the opposite direction.

Be sure to check your windows and doors for gaps that allows the cold air to enter your house. Add weatherstripping or caulk in those gaps. Then check for exposed pipes that may need to be insulated so they do not freeze.

Another area you may want to consider, especially if you receive snow in the winter are your sidewalks and driveways. Do you have a snow shovel or snow blower ready? How about salt or another form of ice melter?

Also check your vehicles. Do you need to change the tires to snow tires? Do you need to add antifreeze? These are important things to consider doing before the temperatures drop to freezing.

And lastly, although you may not need them, do you have an emergency radio on hand, extra batteries, flashlights and/or candles, and other needed items if you lose power or have an emergency?

Doing these simple tasks now, before the glory of winter appears, could make a big difference on your property. I hope you found these tips helpful.

Now get going and start preparing for winter, and Ill see you next Monday!