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Outdoor Recreation Away From the Homestead

August 21, 2023 Ann Marie Season 2 Episode 10
Outdoor Recreation Away From the Homestead
Prepping Positively
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Prepping Positively
Outdoor Recreation Away From the Homestead
Aug 21, 2023 Season 2 Episode 10
Ann Marie

In this episode I am talking about getting away from the homestead or the farm and having fun!

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In this episode I am talking about getting away from the homestead or the farm and having fun!

Season 2 Episode 10 PP

Outdoor Recreation Off The Homestead

Last week I talked about fun things to do outside while on the homestead. Today we are talking about fun things to do away from the homestead.

Everyone needs a break from their surroundings once in a while right? These ideas can get you out of the house away from the homestead or farm, and doing something fun.

Are you ready? Here we go...

Hi and welcome back to the Prepping Positively Podcast. I’m Annie and today we are packing up and leaving our responsibilities behind to go do something fun.

So what can we do and where can we go to have some fun?
If the weather is nice still here are some options for a good getaway.

Do you have a forest near you? Have you considered an overnight camping trip. Grab your tent or camper, bring some sleeping bags and necessities and head to the woods.

If you don’t want to spend a whole night away, consider a day hike or backpacking. We often go to the National Forest and walk for hours.

Take some bikes and pedal through the paths. No woods, go to a local park or a quiet neighborhood with a bike path.

How about a day in the water? Do have a lake, a river, the ocean near you? There is something about a day on the beach for me that makes all my worries melt into the sea.

We have a lot of natural springs here in Central Florida. It is a lot of affordable fun to rent a float and go down the rivers that lead to the springs.

You can also take your boat out. Don’t have a boat? That’s no excuse. You can rent pontoon boats, kayaks, and paddle boats at many nearby lakes most everywhere.

How about kite flying. Wanna know a secret to the best place to fly a kite? The beach! Trust me. Try it.

Do you like horses? Find a place that offers trail riding.

How about any local events or fairs? Check the internet for “events near me” and you will most likely find something going on locally you can take part in.

Where I live we have a drive-in available. What a great way to watch a great movie on the big screen with the kids or the one you love.

Have a picnic somewhere. Take some drinks and snacks and pack a lunch. Lay out a blanket and enjoy a healthy lunch on the grass.

If you have a big city around you, why not go to a museum, or an art gallery. How about a zoo or an amusement park. Maybe an aquarium.

Are you more the adrenaline junkie? How about bungee jumping or zip lining?

Look up a train ride. Many parts of the United States have train excursions. They usually take a few days, but imagine the fun you would have.

Of course if it is could or snowing you can go skiing or snowboarding, even snowmobiling. But those winter tasks will be on you. We don’t get any snow here so I don’t know what I would do in the snow really.

Anyway, now you have no excuse for staying home. Pack up and get off that property and take a break. But most of all, have fun.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your free time and Ill. be back next Monday.