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Celebrating Our Freedom As Homesteaders

July 03, 2023 Ann Marie Season 2 Episode 4
Prepping Positively
Celebrating Our Freedom As Homesteaders
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While everyone else is getting ready to celebrate their freedom and independence in the United States, let's take a minute to celebrate all the freedom we have as homesteaders!

Season 2 Episode 4

What Freedom Means to a Homesteader

For those of us in the United States, tomorrow is the Fourth of July. This is when we as Americans celebrate our freedom. 

But us homesteaders, we celebrate a different kind of freedom all year long. In today’s episode learn about the type of freedom we homesteaders celebrate daily and how you can start celebrating that freedom also! Are you ready? Here we go!

Hi and welcome back to the Prepping Positively Podcast! I’m Annie, and today we are talking about a different kind of freedom than the one everyone celebrates on the Fourth of July.

That’s right, we are talking about the freedom we have as homesteaders. So what does that mean exactly? 

Do you grow your own fruits, vegetables, berries, or herbs? Do you cook from scratch with ingredients that are fresh from your property? Do you pull that jar of spaghetti sauce you canned yourself last year from your pantry when making spaghetti?

Then you have the freedom from having to buy all of your food from the grocery store! That means less preservatives, less chemicals, less unhealthy additions to the food you are giving your family.

If you raise cows, goats, sheep, pigs or any other animals for meat, eggs and protein, you have the freedom to provide healthy choice food for your family. And I might add much more affordably than buying it at your local grocery store for sure. That’s a freedom many people wish they had.

Do you make many of the simple home remedies for your family? Like Mullein Tea for throat congestion or turmeric tea for achy muscles? Then you can celebrate the freedom from having to buy many of the over the counter artificial medicines that many other people have to depend on. 

Do you make your own cleaners and soaps? Maybe even your own makeup and other body products? Then you are celebrating the freedom to provide safer products for your family.

When I lived in the city, the sounds I was used to hearing involved fire whistles, police sirens, horns blowing, loud music, and the sound of constant cars driving by. 

Now that I live on my farm, I enjoy the rooster in the morning and the birds that chirp in the trees. I hear the trees rustle when the wind blows. I can hear the frogs at night and the cicadas as they sing while hunting for bugs. 

I can celebrate hearing nature in all its glory. 

My kids often bring me their babies for the summer here in Florida. Unlike where they live up north, the kids can just go outside and play, and for the most part I don’t have to worry about where they are or if strangers are nearby. If they leave their bike in the yard, it will still be there tomorrow. The freedom of less worrying is something worth having. And I appreciate it!

Now not everyone has the same situation as homesteaders. Some of us live in apartments, or houses, or in residential neighborhoods. Some of us live on farms, or we travel in campers, and some homesteaders live in tents and yurts. 

As homesteaders, we have the freedom to live where we want to live and for the most part, how we want to live. We don’t have to be in a specific area, or have a specific circumstance to homestead. 

And where our schools, our jobs, and our communities have rules that are set by governing bodies, we as homesteaders make our own rules on our properties. We have the freedom to choose the life we want. We have the freedom to live the way we want to live. 

And all the while, we have the freedom to enjoy all of life’s pleasures. Now that’s a freedom many people never see or enjoy!

So tomorrow, when the our country is celebrating independence, be sure to celebrate all of the freedom we as homesteaders have too!

Maybe we should all fly flags on our homestead to represent the freedom we have as homesteaders!

Anyway, I hope you have a happy and safe Fourth of July and I’ll see ya next week.