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Cool Ideas for Growing Herbs

July 11, 2022 Ann Marie Season 1 Episode 8
Cool Ideas for Growing Herbs
Prepping Positively
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Prepping Positively
Cool Ideas for Growing Herbs
Jul 11, 2022 Season 1 Episode 8
Ann Marie

Don't just plant your herbs in the yard in a bed. Instead try these cool ideas for where to start some herbs in and around your home, farm, or homestead.

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Don't just plant your herbs in the yard in a bed. Instead try these cool ideas for where to start some herbs in and around your home, farm, or homestead.

Episode 8 PP

Cool Ideas For Growing Herbs

Whether you are already growing herbs on your farm or homestead, or never have grown them before yet are willing to try and start some, there are tons of real cool ideas for you to grow herbs that I bet you haven’t tried.

In this episode I am going to share some really cool and fun ways to grow herbs that are simple enough for the beginner yet still fun for the pro!

Hi and welcome back to the Prepping Positively podcast. I am Annie and today I am sharing some cool and fun ideas for growing herbs!

I know everyone grows herbs in the garden outside and that’s certainly ok. But I never do things traditional so I decided to research some fun ways to grow herbs anywhere but in a garden bed in our yards.

One of the first ideas I found was using gutters. Yep, that’s right, the same gutters you buy for your house. Just cut a part of the gutter to the length you want, cap off the ends, drill some tiny holes along the bottom for drainage and voila, herb garden you can mount anywhere.

For a gutter garden I would recommend low growing, ground-covering-type herbs like mint, chives, basil, and even veggies like spinach and lettuce.

The second idea I found was using those over-the-door shoe organizers. Now granted, these need to be used outside, but how cute they look. I bought a shoe organizer at Walmart. I put some coco liners in them, added some potting soil and mounted mine over our wooden fence in the back yard.

I filled mine with oregano and parsley.

Another cute idea is those flimsy wicker or straw baskets. I found some at a thrift store a while back. I hung a nail on an outside wall of my tiny house, tied some jute cord around the basket handle and hung them. After filling with potting soil, you can plant right inside them.

I don’t know how long the baskets will last outside, but for what little I paid for them, one season is enough for me. You could probably spray them with outdoor fabric protectant or spray paint to make them last longer.

My friend said she uses old straw hats to plant herbs in. She turns the hats upside down and gathers the center that would fit on your head with a ribbon to hang and then just fills the “head” part with plants.

Another great idea to plant herbs is in mason jars. These can be left clear, you can paint the outside, you can macrame over them. The possibilities are endless. You can even use mason jars to start cuttings from you in ground herbs in water.

These look pretty on a windowsill, on a porch or on a deck too.

If you want a cool outdoor herb planting idea, try an old wheelbarrow, a bicycle basket, or even old galvanized buckets.

I have herbs growing in window boxes on my chicken coop!

Are you crafty or skilled with wood working? Make yourself an A Frame ladder and place herb post on each shelf for a cool herb display in your home.

If you can get your hands on pallets, there are dozens of ideas for making portable herb gardens from leaving it whole to cutting it in thirds and making cute rectangular herb beds. You might want to search the internet for how to do so though because I couldn’t explain how to make those in a podcast without frustrating and confusing you. Just google “herb planters from pallets”.

Another versatile herb planter idea is to use old coffee cans or those large food cans. Just punch a hole in the top on two sides, thread some chain or string through the holes and you have a hanging herb planter.

You can paint these and really dress them up. You can even hang more than one in a row if you have a taller space to hang them.

So are you ready to grow some herbs in and out of your home with these cool ideas? I would love to hear some of your ideas if you have any I haven’t mentioned!

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Well that’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoy your freebies! And I hope you got at least one cool idea for growing those herbs. Make sure to follow me so you don’t miss an episode! And if you would, please leave me a rating so others can find and follow this podcast too!

Enjoy those herbs! See ya next week!